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Welcome to the Home Page of the Orkut Crossword Club. This page is meant to be a front-end for the Hindu / ET Crossword Solutions community on Orkut. In all probability, you are visiting this web page after being linked to it from the community profile. In the unlikely event of that not being the case, a short introduction is in order.

The Hindu / ET Crossword Solutions forum is an Orkut community with 650+ members (as of October 2006) which discusses the solutions to the daily cryptic crosswords appearing in The Hindu and the Mumbai edition of The Economic Times. You can find out more about the community from its profile linked above.

This site is static in the sense that daily discussions will continue to happen on the Orkut community, while essential information for moderation purposes, crossword and community archives, and FAQs will be posted here. The page will get updated as and when necessary, and in that respect, will be perpetually under construction!

Please follow the links on the left to obtain details of the various facets of the community (a must-read before joining / posting on the Orkut forums), as well as links to resources on cryptic crosswords. A brief overview of what you can find on each page is given below.

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